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Google’s Focus On Paid Search Ads & Local Businesses

Google has researched and recognized that when people search on the Internet and/or on their Smartphones they are often searching for local products or services.

Because of these local intent searching patterns, Google has focused heavily on their Local Business Directory also known as Google Places (This is the giant map that appears and displays local businesses for local intent searches).

It’s no secret that companies like Proctor & Gamble and some other Fortune 500 companies started shifting their advertising and marketing dollars away from traditional marketing outlets over to online mediums years ago. Having a sound Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing strategy is essential to long term business growth when you consider…

  • No matter what you do…people are looking for it online. During 2011, the average number of US search engine queries done per day was 542 million. That comes out to 22.6 million searches per hour and 377,000 searches per minute (Comscore April 2011).
  • 2 Billion People Around the World Are Online
  • 85% of People Turn To Online Search Engines When Looking For LOCAL Information (Google)
  • Mobile Networks (iphone, Garmin, blackberry, etc) – They Do everything and they are used to make purchasing decisions (Where to eat, where to shop).  With Charleston having a large tourism industry, inclusion in Local Search & Mobile Networks is huge.

People who use search engines are generally performing 1 of 3 types of searches. They are either doing an…

Informational Search, an Investigative Commercial Intent Search or a Transactional or Commercial Search.

What I do for businesses is put your powerful marketing message, a website, in front of more people who are performing 1 of the 3 types of searches listed above (66-75% of which have buying intent as the end goal).

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